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Feeders and Integral Hoppers

February 8, 2017
JVI feeders and integral hoppers
JVI feeders and integral hoppers

JVI feeders and integral hoppers help to streamline a customer’s process by facilitating precise batching. For each of the dozen ingredients in the customer’s recipe for fiberglass, JVI designed and manufactured a corresponding feeder and hopper. The materials, including powder, flakes, granules and pellets, have various flow characteristics. Several materials were tested for feed rate. Based on the test results, identical mild steel hoppers were designed to optimize performance across the range of the dozen ingredients. The stainless steel hoppers were custom designed with pneumatically powered covers to ensure ease of use for the operator, and with vent ports to connect with the customer’s dust extraction system. The feeders were designed with Plexiglas covers to maintain dust control.
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