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Flexible Mixer-Dryer-Reactor

February 18, 2016
B&P Littleford Day flexible mixer-dryer-reactor
B&P Littleford Day flexible mixer-dryer-reactor

This line of specialized processors can provide multiple processing tasks in a single vessel. The design provides precise mixing/blending functions along with high heat transfer rate for heating/cooling of product, all within atmospheric, vacuum, or pressure operating conditions.

Process parameters are monitored with historical data trending throughout each run. Parameters of vacuum/pressure conditions, product temperature, electrical KW drive loading, and recipe management are collected.

The design can be built for all types of applications, from harsh environmental and abrasive materials to sanitary food and pharmaceutical products.  

B&P Littleford Day LLC, Saginaw, MI 989-757-1300 www.bpprocess.com

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