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Fluid Bed Drying

August 20, 2015
Schwing Bioset introduces its fluid bed drying line.
Schwing Bioset introduces its fluid bed drying line.

Schwing Bioset introduces its fluid bed drying line equipped with optional Closed-Loop Gas Stream (CLGS) and optional inert gas streams that eliminate the need for complicated and expensive condenser units and their ancillary equipment.  

Applications include inertized CLGS configurations for safety-enhanced operations when handling flammable or explosive bulk solids and/or materials where solvent recovery is necessary. For those applications where material flammability is not a concern or solvent recovery is not required, the CLGS configuration can also be used for heat integration purposes (such as sludge or slurry pre-heating), thereby leading to much higher overall system thermal efficiencies.

Additional benefits include minimal exhaust gas treatment requirements, minimal recovered water treatment, and/or solvent streams for further re-use.  

Schwing Bioset Inc., Somerset, WI 715-247-3433 www.schwingbioset.com

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