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Powder Show Is Best Opportunity to Evaluate Equipment

February 16, 2016

Wyssmont has been exhibiting in the Powder Show since the first show in 1976, and I, personally, have attended every show. The show grew in size substantially over the years, filling up the exhibit hall in Rosemont, IL, even though the site was expanded several times.

The large increase in the number of exhibitors greatly benefitted attendees. Attendees can now visit multiple companies offering the same type of equipment. They can evaluate the equipment being offered and also the personnel they would be working with when they select their preferred vendor.

I believe that companies that exhibit without having equipment in their booth are doing themselves and the attendees a disservice because the reason attendees go to a show is to see the equipment.

Although the Internet is a resource for finding equipment for a project, seeing the equipment being demonstrated is the best way to evaluate the expertise of the supplier and compare competitive products.

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Having served on the exhibitor committee, advising management has helped me to understand the requirements of attendees, exhibitors, and show management to help assure the show is successful.

By attending an event like the Powder Show, an exhibitor can meet more engineers -- and discuss necessary requirements with each -- in three days than through any other vehicle. We have found that a trade show is the best way to discuss existing installations with company personnel.

Events will continue to be an important tool for companies that are planning new or expanded production facilities. We will continue exhibiting at the Powder Show.

    Joe Bevacqua is president Wyssmont Co., and has been with the company for 50 years. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Get more information or register for the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition, May 3-5, 2016