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Powder/Bulk Solids

The Source for Dry Processing and Bulk Handling Technology

Jenkins & Brandt

P.O. Box 80609
Atlanta, Georgia 30366
United States
Phone: 404-843-3389
Fax: 404-252-1602
http://www.jenkinsandbrandt.com [email protected]
Neff Jenkins has continuously owned and operated Jenkins, N., Inc. and its predecessors since 1968. Rick Brandt and Neff were colleagues for many years at both Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control and Amerex before forming Jenkins & Brandt in 2000. Rick and Neff each have engineering degrees plus 85+ cumulative years of helping customers solve difficult problems in the fields of Air Pollution Control; Pneumatic Conveying; Bulk Packaging; and a wide range of related equipment in applications including ash, dust, metallurgical fume, powders and granular solids. Jenkins & Brandt specializes in serving heavy industry in southeastern USA.
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